Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Ice is not nice

This morning on my way in to work I got stuck half way up a not particularly steep hill. The road was so slippery that a man watching me was sliding along while trying to stand still. Even when I put the brakes on to stop going backwards (when I couldn't go forward any more) I kept on moving. I had to reverse down the hill with very little control, trying not to hit the cars parked along one side (these apparently belonged to people who lived at the top of the hill as none of them had been able to get up there either). Fortunately, I suceeded, but it was quite a shock - far worse than snow, which is at least visible.
I am not looking forward to getting home tonight. It will be main roads and taking it easy. I might not even take the short cut through the industrial estate as there are hills there and I doubt there has been much traffic this evening.
I also can't believe how many people have ventured out on icy roads to come to the cinema. I know it's Orange Wednesday, but what's the point in getting a free ticket when you may also crunch your car?

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