Thursday, 15 October 2009

Getting Ready

Getting ready to go on holiday is both exciting and stressful. I have a recurring nightmare in which I arrive at the airport only to find I have left my passport and/or tickets at home. Because of this, I find it necessary to check and re-check that I haven't left anything critical behind.
This morning I did some packing and Mark the cat came and sat in the suitcase. He knows the appearance of the suitcase signals a change in his comfy routine, and does his best to disrupt the process.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Starting again

I'm posting an entry to this blog after over a year's absence. Sometimes it just seems there's too much going on to post anything, others that there is so little of any interest it's not worth it.
So what's happening in my life just now?
1) I'm having a bit of trouble typing as I sliced my right index finger open while drying a carving knife yesterday. Stupid thing to do. I know. The only good thing is at least I hadn't set up my laptop for fingerprint login.
2) Having yet again been passed over for a job I'd have liked due to living in the wrong part of the country, I have decided that now it's time to do something completely different. So when I get back from holiday I am going to embark on the process to become a driving instructor.
3) Digging the allotment today cured my backache. How weird is that?