Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Planning Permission

I read in the local newspaper this evening that the hairdresser across the road from my house has been given planning permission to build a whacking great first floor extension.
This will make the building twice the height it is now - higher than the lamp post in the picture. (The pitched roof isn't on the shop - it's the roof of the house behind it. The shop currently has a flat roof.)
Myself and all the neighbours objected several times to the plans, on the grounds that it will cause huge parking problems. There is a free car park in the village only a couple of hundred yards away, but neither the customers nor the staff want to walk that far, and all park in the lane. The customers aren't so much of a problem as they don't generally spend too much time in the salon, but the staff cars are there all day. So parking will definitely get worse.
The height of the extension also means that where I used to enjoy the winter afternoon sun in the house, I will now be stuck in a looming blue shadow.
I always enjoyed the sunlight during those darkest three months of the year, and now it will be taken away from me. It seems as if building in the village is gradually caging me in - first at the end of the garden, now on the other side of the house too.

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