Thursday, 3 July 2008

I'm on holiday!

Finished work tonight at 7.15pm and drove home in the sunshine, feeling remarkably happy and full of curry that I'd bought earlier in Sainsbury's reduced section. Matt and I always compare our purchases to see who has got the best bargain of the day. Dan is bemused by it.
When I got home I painted over the bits on the kitchen window that had been wrecked by the sudden downpour, then noticed that the light was starting to get that luminous quality of late evening. All the red bricks glow, and the colours of the flowers seem to intensify as the sun slowly sinks.
I sat in the living room, enjoying my empty sky that may soon be blocked (see yesterday's post for details). Felt a bit depressed about the prospect. Of course, all because someone has planning permission doesn't mean it will actually happen. She may not be able to raise the money in the current financial climate. And if and when it does happen, will already have been through all the angst about it and it will probably not be as bad as I'd feared.
Last night I dreamed I was back in Barnet, and walking through the ruins of the Odeon, which was about to be demolished. Let's hope this isn't a premonition. I don't think it is - it's just my subconscious trying to deal with the prospect of change.

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