Tuesday, 1 July 2008

First Post

It's been a tiring day at work, and very welcome to sit with a glass of wine in front of the computer. Only trouble is, if I dare to move to go and fetch a refill, the cat will steal my chair.
Finished at 7pm, after helping to make up our two prints of 'Hancock'. It makes you laugh how they go to all that effort to send the film under a fake title (printed not just on the transit case label, but on all the individual cans) and when the driver turns up, the first thing he says is, 'Sign here for your prints of Hancock, mate.'
With films coming in this late, there is no time to run them through, so if it's the sort of problem that doesn't show up on the bench, you only discover it when it is already being shown to the paying public.
We received our replacement reel 6 for the second copy of 'Prince Caspian' - it had some kind of discolouration on the film stock in several places that made the picture go greenish and the digital sound track drop out. Still waiting for the replacement reel 5's for both copies of 'Kung Fu Panda', as they have been well and truly scratched by the lab. I wonder how many other prints are affected.
This is the problem when prints get rushed through and sent out at the last minute.
The adverts were a mess today as well. We don't normally get our ads back until Wednesday, but they had obviously been rushed out. Not only were the screens and titles all wrong, but adverts were missing from some reels, while others had ads in that shouldn't have been there. All this was bad enough, but the heat made it worse. Today was the first day of real summer weather, and the air conditioning is still not fixed after some idiot stole the copper pipes.
Good job we don't have digital - if it gets too hot the server will crash.

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