Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Last Reels Update

I'm in my fourth week of life after Odeon and I have spent the morning tweaking and editing the chapters of 'Last Reels' set during the nineteen-eighties. It's funny how that era seems more vivid than the recent past of empty projection rooms and digital desolation. Is this the nostalgia of old age creeping up on me?
As I am now nearing the stage at which the novel will be published I am going to start posting excerpts so that people can sample the wares, so to speak. Maybe I should call them trailers, except that might put the cinema folk out there off reading the whole book, as most trailers shown in the cinema these days incorporate the best parts and the entire condensed plot of a film. Make a note to self not to do that. I will post snippets - teasers for sections of the book which should whet the appetite of would-be readers.
Right, back to the grindstone.

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